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  • questions for my dissertation

    by: Charlie Ranken | 3rd September 2019

  • Dance, movement, somatics and spiritualities

    by: Juliet Chambers-Coe | 3rd September 2019

  • LMA and Music

    by: Dawn Pratson | 7th December 2018

    Discussion and sharing of ideas, resources, etc. on the interface of LMA and music.

  • Mental health & the Performer

    by: Juliet Chambers-Coe | 14th September 2018

    This group is dedicated to the concerns related to the mental, emotional and psychological well-being of the performer and how...

  • Laban/Bartenieff for Actors

    by: rtsachor | 4th December 2017

    Movement Training for Presence and Physical Characterization

  • Making Faces Theatre: Larval Masks Workshops

    by: Vicky Wright | 23rd October 2017

    1-Day Research Workshop at the Guildford School of Acting, University of Surrey. Evolution of Movement & Larval Mask Monday 29th...

  • Thinking Movement, Moving Thought

    by: Juliet Chambers-Coe | 25th September 2017

    This Group aims to make enquiry into the nature of the relationships between Movement, Philosophy and Psychology. Using Laban\'s framework...

  • Rachelle Palnick Tsachor

    by: rtsachor | 4th September 2017

    Rachelle shares her publications, links to her work and articles relating to movement, emotion regulation through movement. You can also...

  • Trinity Laban Learning & Participation Dance

    by: Alliey | 22nd March 2017

    From one-off taster workshops to weekly classes, courses, creative arts projects and music/dance collaborations, our public programmes attract participants of...

  • Using Chekhov technique in movement work

    by: Roanna Mitchell | 12th March 2017

    Do you use Chekhov technique in your movement work? Recognising shared principles and synergies between movement work in the tradition...

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