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  • Natalia Fedorova : Andrei Droznin’s ‘Russian Movement’

    by: Natalia Fedorova | 19th December 2016

    The method I teach has now acquired the quite simple name of “Russian Movement”, mainly in the USA, but it...

  • Physical Actor Training: an online A-Z

    by: Paul Allain | 19th December 2016

    If we want to research and analyse physical acting, how do we document the process of training using movement, space,...

  • Movement Pattern Analysis

    by: Carol-Lynne Moore | 13th December 2016

    This group explores the original work of Rudolf Laban, F.C. Lawrence, and Warren Lamb applying dance and movement analysis theories...

  • Laban Archives and Special Collections

    by: Helen Roberts | 7th December 2016

    There are a number of organisations and individuals across the UK, Europe and beyond who hold archive materials produced by...

  • Midwest US Movement Practitioners

    by: Alison Henderson | 5th December 2016

    This is a group for discussions and postings of events, workshops, jobs, etc. for practitioners in the Midwest. We should...

  • Harmony in Movement: theory-in-practice-in-theory

    by: Juliet Chambers-Coe | 1st December 2016

    I am interested in how we reconcile/practice/think/move the relationships between Laban\'s theory of movement harmony and the actual practice of...

  • Dr Hannah McClure: Spiritual Dimensions of Movement

    by: Dr. Hannah McClure | 10th November 2016

    Hannah’s Research focuses on intersections of the heart, Sufism and arts practice. Her doctorate on the Mevlevi was both ethnographic...

  • Guildford School of Acting

    by: The Labanarium | 11th October 2016

    Members of the cast from two Black Box 2nd year Productions, 2016, The Women by Clare Boothe Luce and Semi Monde...

  • Summit Dance Theatre/Alison Curtis-Jones

    by: Alison Curtis-Jones | 1st June 2016

    Over two years, I researched and developed two ‘lost’ works, Ishtar’s Journey into Hades and Dancing Drumstick, choreographed by Rudolf...

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