Natalia Fedorova : Andrei Droznin’s ‘Russian Movement’

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The method I teach has now acquired the quite simple name of “Russian Movement”, mainly in the USA, but it is a discipline that draws upon not only the rich tradition of Russian psychophysical actor-training, but is also deeply influenced by acrobatics, martial arts, and yoga. The creator of this method is Andrei Droznin, one of the most famous movement coaches in Russia, the founding members of the Tabakov Studio in Moscow and the Stanislavsky Summer School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His unique system of training combines Meyerhold’s biomechanics, Stanislavsky’s System, and the achievements of other great Russian directors such as Vakhtangov and Tairov. His widely recognized technique has become an essential part of theatre training programs throughout the world.

The basic principles underlying my teaching are the provocation of an actor\’s inner impulses for self-development and the discovery of hidden abilities and spatial awareness. Special emphasis is placed on work in pairs where actors learn to hear their partner\’s body impulses, give immediate physical responses and elaborate a common rhythm of movement. These goals are achieved by means of various stretching exercises, individual acrobatics and acrobatics in pairs. The most important component of this method involves training the body’s reactions, efficient operating of the body’s center of gravity, and developing speed in impulse and movement. The physical training helps an actor develop a security with their body leading to a greater range of physical movement choice.

“Russian Movement” also provokes the actor’s creativity by encouraging him to immediately use every bit of information received in devising movement phrases, combination of phrases and short pieces.


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