Reckless Ensemble Theatre

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Reckless Ensemble Theatre is based in Chicago, IL. We use the physical theater expertise and experience of the ensemble to create a unique approach to text.
Mission: Reckless Ensemble Theatre examines the human experience through physically dynamic storytelling. Promoting new plays and reimagining classic works, Reckless Ensemble Theatre intensifies the theater going experience using the human body as an expressive force. Reckless Ensemble Theatre is dedicated to offering equal and diverse creative opportunities as well as classes for adults and children.

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  1. Alison Henderson

    Join Reckless for a summer intensive workshop 4 Sundays in June! We will be looking at Movement Pattern Analysis and how it can be applied to theater training. This is the first ever workshop of its kind!
    Even if you aren’t in Chicago, we will be taking the workshop virtual. If wanting to do virtual learning which will include webinars, teleconference, live stream and anything else at our disposal, register as a student at and contact Alison Henderson at so we can get all your contact information.

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