The Labanarium in conjunction with community partners will be offering a series of courses which explore movement and dance in various ways from both practical and theoretical perspectives. Some are online courses and others are studio-based. Do check back to see new course offerings coming very soon in 2024.

Excursions in ‘movement-thinking’

 Movement-thinking:  a gathering of impressions of happenings in one’s own mind, for which nomenclature is lacking” (Laban, 1980).

This interactive pdf is a resource for anyone who is interested in movement as a practice for life and creativity. It might be especially useful for movement students and movement teachers to develop personal, creative, and pedagogic practices. Drawing on the work of Rudolf Laban (1879 – 1958), these excursions into movement-thinking consider two paths of the movement experience: the conscious, analytic and structured ‘form’ of movement via principles in Laban Movement Analysis (LMA); and the intuitive, unconscious, and experiential aspect of the living moving body.

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*NEW* October '19 - January 2020: Moving Art - online short course exploring the Efforts in Laban's holiday drawings from the Rudolf Laban Archive

This course is accessible for all and these course pages will enable you to view the archive drawings we are studying as stimuli, access assignment content, submit your creative work and obtain summary group commentary on your creative responses as well as receive final individual feedback.

Access: pre-course readings and assignment content here

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