Our Many Masks


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

18th January 2017

at Dek Catford, London

Talk & Taster: Explore your body language & the way posture communicates.

From the world of physical theatre and work of Jacques Lecoq, Vicky specialises in communication and body language, using one of the key tools – the neutral mask – at the heart of unlocking this work.

Every shape tells a story. Whether you are an artist, a dancer, public speaker or someone interested in non-verbal communication, we will go on a step by step tour into exploring the human body and how we relate to space.

With a background in Postural Therapy (Structural Integration), somatic practices and influences of Wilhelm Reich, Dr Ida Rolf, Tom Myers, Moshe Feldenkrais and Alexander Lowen, are interwoven in this field of discovery.

Later in the evening, an introduction to character masks will give a glimpse into how actors step in and embody other characters through mask.

This workshop is open to all and will start promptly at 19.30. Please note that attendees arriving later than the stated time may be refused admission.


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