You are invited to use this personalised and private online scrapbook to reflect and record your impressions as you work through the Excursions in Movement Thinking pdf. The prompts on each page of the scrapbook can be used as a reflective tool but also as a guide to the practical exercises in the pdf, where for example, you may choose to foreground ‘sensations’ of your body in an exercise or work specifically with an image or memory. You can type directly into the scrapbook as well as upload images, links, video, and audio files – just click “Add Row”. Nobody will see what you add to your scrapbook, it is entirely private on your Labanarium account.

As a member of the Labanarium community you may also receive information about events, publications, projects, and new research in the field of movement. Your personal information is secure, and we promise not to send you any unwanted correspondences.

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