Movement tracking

Have you been physically ‘active’ today? How? What did you do?

Have you enjoyed any rest time? How? What did you do, or not do to rest or relax?

Can you ‘track’ your movement in a particular exercise, an everyday action, a moment of your day, or in relationship with another person, or a particular place or object?

Retrace this moment, think about:

Your breath – does your breathing feel deep or shallow. Are you aware of your breathing pattern? Can you describe your breathing? e.g. easy, shallow, tense etc.

In which part/s of your body can you feel your inhalations and exhalations? i.e. in the chest, or back, ribs, spine, mouth, nose.

Which part/s of the body moved, or felt active, or significant?

Which part/s of the body felt inactive, asleep, or not ‘present’/zoned-out?

Do you have any pain? Tension? Can you locate it specifically in your body? Does it travel elsewhere in your body? Does it get worse or better, or stay the same? Can you describe or draw it?

Do you sense any spaces open-up in your body through movement? Can you locate this, and extend the sense of spaciousness through your body?