The Intangible/Unnameable

Sometimes we experience things which feel significant but are unnameable or are difficult to describe. Sometimes we connect to the experience of life so fully that we somehow ‘become’ it, we lose the sense of ourselves as distinct from the experience and we are free from the dualistic split between subject and object which is the condition of ordinary, everyday consciousness. Sometimes these experiences ‘empty’ us out of thoughts, feelings, sensations – we have a moment of clear seeing without the density of thoughts and emotions or specific bodily sensation. We might experience an energy concentrating in the body or in the space around us where the only conscious presence is our inner witness* and we may find it difficult to remember how we moved in that moment.

To come closer to knowing a moment like this, return to what is tangible as you recall it. What can you describe – image/sensation/feeling/movement. Being more specific, can you recall Efforts, Spatial directions, size of kinesphere, radiating or emanating movements, closing movements, body Shaping, which parts of the body were moving or seemed significant, breath flow?

Draw, write, speak about your experience.

* The inner witness is our personal inner voice which is consciously aware of the internal impulses of thoughts, feelings, sensations, movements, images, memories and our relationship to the environment we are in.